Friday, June 17, 2011

Reporter John Stossel = Hypocrite

Reporter John Stossel is a $400,000.00 hypocrite. He never misses an opportunity to bash Trial Lawyers and our civil justice system. Recently he stated, "for every one person a lawyer helps, thousands are hurt." Yet he himself was the beneficiary of a civil lawsuit against a professional wrestler who slapped Stossel twice in the course of an aggressive "Geraldo" style interview. Reports indicate his civil lawsuit was settled with him receiving a $400,000.00 settlement. For more on this story and to see the interview where Stossel got slappped, click here.

Last year we reported on the US Chamber of Commerce's aggressive use of the civil justice system to press their advantage, yet all the while screaming about "tort reform" and "frivilous" lawsuits. In past editions of Legally Speaking we have reported on a number of hypocritical situations where outspoken critics of Trial Lawyers and our civil justice system have brought a myriad of lawsuits and claims against others.

It's easy for reporters and politicians to rant and rave against Trial Lawyers and our civil justice system so as to revoke the rights of ordinary people....that's freedom of speech. Yet when these same critics use the civil justice system to their own advantage...well I guess that's just freedom of hypocrisy.

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You better remove this post or I'll sue you!

John Stossel