Tuesday, June 19, 2012

BP Oil Spill Settlement - update!

June 19, 2012. Knox Boteler of Boteler, Finley & Wolfe will be participating in several upcoming public discussion groups concerning the recent BP Oil Spill class action settlement. Knox is helping a number of Alabama and Mississippi businesses analyze and present business economic loss claims. He is also assisting Vessels of Opportunity (VOO) owners with claims as well as several medical claims for clean-up workers who suffered chemical exposure injuries during the clean up. Knox reports that many businesses will qualify for compensation under the recent settlement without having to prove a loss was directly caused by the oil spill. "When the settlement was negotiated, it was recognized that many businesses in the Gulf Coast states suffered indirect losses because of the negative economic impact of the spill on this entire region. The settlement recognizes this and provides a simple revenue loss testing procedure." He added, "if a business meets this revenue loss test, then the loss is presumed to have been either directly or indirectly caused by the oil spill."  For more information on BP Oil Spill claims, click here: Consultations about a potential oil spill loss claim are done at no charge and claims are handled on a fair contingency fee, meaning no fees are owed unless compensation is recovered. Call Knox at 433-7766 with questions or e-mail him at: knox@bfw-lawyers.com