Tuesday, November 10, 2009

GEICO owns geicosucks.com domain!

As has been reported on this blog and in our newsletter, Legally Speaking, GEICO has recently adopted a hard line approach to claim settlement in auto-negligence claims. Recently Digg.com has reported that GEICO owns the domain, geicosucks.com.

In years past when various insurance companies have adopted unfair claim practices, web sites have sprung up describing the unfair claim practices of the particular company. See for example famersinsurancesucks.com

Obviously, GEICO wants to limit any bad publicity from their unfair claim practices by owning the domain geicosucks.com. We consider this to be a tacit admission that they know their claims practices are unfair!


Anonymous said...

What really sucks is you greedy trial lawyers trying to make big bucks off pathetic insurance claims. Your clients are maligering whining little babies who need to suck it up and get over it. So what, your neck hurts because someone drives into the back of your car when your stopped at a red light...get over it.

/s/ The Caveman

Anonymous said...

@The Caveman: What REALLY sucks is you, INCOMPETENT drivers, who run into the back of person(s) while they're sitting at a red light!!! If it weren't for you and your dishonest insurance companies, we wouldn't need these "greedy trail lawyers" to defend our "pathetic insurance claims"...get over it.