Saturday, October 11, 2008

M&W Atty Steve Moore Secures $32 Million Judgment

M&W attorney, Steve Moore, recently secured a $32 million judgment against an at-fault driver who has been charged with DUI related to the crash. The victim, a 50 year old woman, suffered severe life altering injuries and requires constant medical attention. The women and her husband understand the judgment will probably never be collected but asked Steve to consider prosecuting the civil claim in hopes it will send a message to others in the community about the dangers of driving under the influence. "I applaud their courage and desire to try and make something positive occur from this terrible event," said Moore. The judgment, which includes $8 million for compensatory damages and $24 million in punitive damages, will now be recorded against the defendant. Read more on this story on
This is not the first time the attorneys at M&W have undertaken to help victims of DUI drivers at no charge. In 2001 they helped the family of 4 year Joia White, and other victims, obtain a $3 million judgment against a DUI driver who ran a red light and crashed into the vehicle occupied by Joia and her family. Joia and her grandfather were killed in the collision and her 4 siblings had multiple injuries and hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills. The firm also handled that case at no charge. Since then, the back cover of the law firm's Victim's Handbook has been dedicated to the memory of Joia White with a reminder of the dangers of driving under the influence.

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